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Read how our Entity supports rural women stablish their business ideas.
Fernando García
Communicator General Directorate,


Standing in front of a piece of land, not suitable for planting, in San Benito Abad, a town in the department of Sucre, the only fruit that Esmeralda González could see came from a cashew tree. So, with all that aridity and a single possibility, she decided to study this fruit’s properties and use it for the common benefit since she has always believed that the countryside is transforming the country.
It all started in an artisanal way, but soon after, González joined a training process at SENA along with 30 other women, who made up a Productive Unit in the region. With the knowledge received, they decided to transform the way they had been doing things and thus improve the quality of the fruit’s derivatives.

“We produce organic vinegar and syrup with tremendous healing properties. We applied to a call for the Emprender Fund with these two products. We benefited from a seed capital of $134 million, resources that transformed a simple idea into an industry that develops 14 sub products: jams, vegan meat, and cashew chicha, among others, that are distributed nationally”, says the entrepreneur from Sucre. “Blessed cashew currently generates five direct jobs and 25 indirect jobs, and that gives us great joy because we are contributing to Colombian agriculture," she adds.

Elsewhere, in the Colombian Amazon, Beatriz Eugenia Flórez, seeks to contribute to the rural development of this region through a series of income for small farmers and indigenous people, promoting planting in the chagra (indigenous production system) and give it added value by transforming its fruits, through Aromas y Sabores del Amazonas, a company financed by the SENA Emprender Fund that is dedicated to the conservation and processing of fruits, nuts, and vegetables from the Amazon region.
Its wide portfolio includes jams, pulps, chocolates, peppers, hot sauces with fruits, vegetables and nuts from the region. “These products do not have flavorings or colorants; we guarantee good manufacturing practices, quality and continuous supply at any time of the year”, explains Flórez.
Estas mujeres son los ejemplos de empuje en el desarrollo rural.
“Thanks to the more than $ 140 million of seed capital that I received, I have been able to strengthen the business and generate four direct jobs and around 20 indirect ones. It is an undertaking that fosters regional identity”, she points out.
These two stories are a clear example of the creative potential and leadership of women in the Colombian countryside, of their undeniable strength and the qualities that inspire in every way, and that places them in an important place for the development and reactivation of the economy of the regions. From this perspective, the Entity works towards the promotion of the rural sector.
A work that is strengthened thanks to the SENA Emprende Rural (SER) program, an initiative that seeks to generate capacities for rural productive inclusion with a differential approach, which mainly promotes entrepreneurship in agriculture. A model to the service of rural women, to such an extent that they are 56% of the SENA’s population in the country.
In the words of the general director of SENA, Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: “the rural sector is a fundamental scenario for the development of territories, as well as the productivity and competitiveness of agriculture, which is why the Entity’s work seeks to promote the entrepreneurship of women in the Colombian countryside and guarantee not only the creation of new companies but also a route towards the generation of more dignified, decent and formal employment, and in this way continue to have an impact on each of the territories with new opportunities for growth, social development and productivity ”.
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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera: SENA Head Office Communications.
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