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Learn how we work to achieve that transformation that makes us more and more efficient.
Anamaría Rivera
SENA communicator General Directorate


Since 2019, SENA has been in a transformation process that aims to update the ways of doing things, the equipment and promote adaptation to change to become, over time, a sustainable entity.
SENA has a great responsibility to the country. It continuously seeks to refine processes and generate strategies to improve the quality of the services provided and the life of Colombians. For this reason, it has started an organizational transformation made up of three factors: digital transformation, technological evolution, and cultural renovation. Each one aims at continuous improvement to be at the forefront of the new market needs in the current situation.
access to simulators, technological resources, and delivery of sim cards to instructors and apprentices are some of the achievements in terms of digital transformation.

"Access to simulators and technological resources and the development of virtual programs, among other achievements, stand out."

The implementation and unfolding of this process have been accelerated, in response to the needs of the SENA community, due to the health emergency and the social crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the Entity has transited to the digital world and promoted the use of technologies by apprentices and workers. As well as the reinforcing training strategies, change of face-to-face and virtual learning methods, updating of training programs, and improvements in the skills of instructors, bringing about changes in the learning environments.
Achievements in digital transformation
Among the achievements to highlight during this last year, in terms of digital transformation, is access to simulators and technological resources, the development of virtual programs, the unfolding of strategies for the preparation of radio content, as well as the delivery of sim cards to instructors and apprentices, as support for alternate training.
In addition, the implementation of the second phase of Mipyme, which has achieved the digital transformation of 884 Micro and Small Businesses, the opening of the Virtual Business Development Center as a complementary channel at the service of entrepreneurs, and the training of 2,538 entrepreneurs throughout the national territory in different topics of business and digital interest, among others.
Each of these actions has been possible thanks to SENA’s commitment to issues such as technological infrastructure and digital conditioning, which respond to the technological evolution factor that in 2019 represented an investment of $ 176,000 billion.
Challenges of organizational transformation
In order to implement the institutional transformation in the digital and technological field, SENA needed to adapt to an increasingly humanistic, responsible, and competitive culture. The Entity had low adaptability to appropriate and implement digital transformation strategies and the modernization process that technological evolution implies, according to the results of the 2018 culture survey. So cultural renovation aims to strengthen the soft skills of the SENA community, promote integrity and agility processes based on five pillars: principles, talent, leadership, innovation, and relationships.
Regarding the most significant achievements of this process, it is worth highlighting that in 2020 and 2021, 1,339 regional managers and national training centers received tools to advance during the pandemic through workshops and training. Currently, SENA’s Network of Cultural Renovation Managers has 168 participants from 117 training centers, and a soft skills course was opened for Colombians to certify their knowledge and improve their professional profile.
“Organizational transformation is undoubtedly part of the commitment we have with the country, to stay relevant and provide Colombians with tools to achieve their dreams,” says Elizabeth Blandón Bermúdez, Director of Corporate Planning and Direction of SENA.


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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
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