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Learn why we find young entrepreneurs everywhere.
Nathalia Zambarno
Communicator SENA Putumayo


Young talented entrepreneurs are everywhere and SENA’s commitment to that overwhelming creative courage that characterizes them is more categorical than ever before. The support provided by the Entity seeks to strengthen their skills, and take their innovative power to another level so that they are turned into innovative enterprises.

"The training of 100,000 young people in entrepreneurial skills, added to $ 20 billion to support the creation of new business ideas, are two great examples of why SENA leads in this regard."

General Director of the National Apprenticeship Service SENA, Carlos Mario Estrada, states that in this way they will contribute to the transformation of their realities and to the construction of a better country. “Our Entity is the ideal place to start a business in Colombia and make the leap to international markets. Through advice, support, training and financing, the creation of a company is a real possibility to generate income and jobs. All this value-added offer places young entrepreneurs on a whole new level, and it is because of them that we have designed these programs”.
The truth is that entrepreneurship represents a valuable opportunity to contribute to the process of economic reactivation of the country and its territories, as well as the creation of new companies and the generation of employment, thanks to the support of the National Government, to materialize the dreams, ideas and projects of the new generations of Colombians.
Our successful entrepreneur tells us what his company is about.
To achieve this goal, the Entity provided $ 20 billion pesos to support the creation of 250 new business initiatives in any sector of the economy created by young entrepreneurs -between 18 and 28 years old, according to Colombian law-. With this seed capital, it is expected to generate up to 1,000 potential jobs throughout the national territory.
The SENA Emprender Fund will grant up to $ 80 million pesos for each business plan that has successfully completed the evaluation phase of the project.
If you are interested in knowing more details about the call and accessing the Entity’s entrepreneurship route, where you can receive technical advice from SENA managers in the country, and includes phases such as: orientation, formulation, formalization on the platform and evaluation, you must do it through And you could be a beneficiary with seed capital resources for the creation and start-up of your company.
SENA’s contribution to youth entrepreneurship

It is worth noting that, during the current government, SENA has allocated more than $ 197 billion pesos of seed capital for the creation of more than 1,690 new companies through the Emprender Fund in Colombia, which has generated more than 9,400 formal jobs.
From these resources, $ 50,892 million have been provided to young entrepreneurs for the creation of 446 new companies through the Emprender Fund, which has generated more than 2,400 jobs in the country.
Since its creation, the Emprender Fund program has managed to finance 2,989 business initiatives developed by young entrepreneurs in Colombia, with resources allocated for more than $ 245,279 million pesos, which have promoted 12,330 new formal jobs.
Learn and undertake

In addition, the current training program called ‘Learning to undertake’, which is intended to reach nearly 100,000 young people, of which 3,000 will be from rural areas with training in programs such as Entrepreneurial Behavior and Digital Entrepreneurship. In this way, the Entity contributes to the development of entrepreneurial skills of people under 28 years of age who wish to be trained in soft skills, design and prototyping of new business ideas.
Definitely our country is full of entrepreneurship, see why.
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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera: SENA Head Office Communications.
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