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Find out how SENA has invested its budget to favor Colombians.
Ana María Rivera
SENA communicator General Directorate


After analyzing the financial and accounting management of the Entity for the 2020 period, the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic issued a favorable opinion on the administration of its public resources and signed off SENA’s account without exceptions, a result that had not been seen for 11 years.
The signing off on the account is the highest recognition of the good budget and resource management of a public entity, an achievement that demonstrates the transparency and commitment of SENA to the country. To meet this challenge, rigorous monitoring of the institutional improvement plans by the work teams was essential, in order to strengthen the articulation of the 33 regions and move towards achieving the goals, providing citizens with a portfolio of high-quality services.
In 2021, the Entity has a budget of $ 3.8 billion and closed the first semester with an investment of 64.5%.

"SENA is recognized with the signing off on its account, thanks to good budget management, which shows transparency and commitment to the country."

For 2020, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit assigned SENA a budget of $ 3.8 trillion ($ 3,815,259 million), from which 95.4% was invested. For 2021, the Entity has a budget of $ 3.8 billion ($ 3,869,790 million) and closed the first semester it had invested 64.5%.
These achievements are made possible by actions such as the Entity’s strategic planning, prioritization, and austerity of spending, strategies implemented by the current administration.
“This achievement is undoubtedly worth highlighting. Transparent management of resources will lead the Institution to continue changing the lives of many Colombians who have chosen SENA as part of their education, employment, and entrepreneurship project. It also recognizes the articulated and responsible work of the work teams, which with transparency and commitment, serve the Entity and the country”, highlighted the general director of SENA, Carlos Mario Estrada Molina, during the Public Audience of Accountability of the Entity in October 2021.


Listen to how we optimize the management of resources to reach more Colombians with relevant training.
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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera: SENA Head Office Communications.
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