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United for the reactivation of the country

Pilar Navarrete Rivera / SENA Head Communications Office

After more than a year of dealing with a health emergency global, we are still experiencing their its strong effects: on all territories and in all areas. The same as citizens seen doom in front of us all lights, is the harder and harder to unusual panorama. we have been able in the middle great adversity paralyzed everyone, importance of working as one a single nation and team.
At SENA we understood this dynamic, despite not being clear what awaited us. Our slogan has come to life more than we ever dreamed of. That is why we have not stopped believing in the Colombians talent and creativity in all regions, but especially in their resilient and powerful heart, synonymous of sacrifice and service to others, especially the most vulnerable. With them and with a whole team deployed by our 33 regional offices, we got to work and have not stopped creating innovative ideas to fight against the global virus from different fronts together with the rest of the country.
With that same spirit and commitment, we assume 2021, the second year of the pandemic. In this sense, through Education, Employment and Entrep the 3E, reneurship, the three E’s, as we now call our work in this new reality, we have set out to join forces and contribute to the technical and technological training of more Colombians, to the strengthening of their skills, knowledge and experience, to the generation of formal employment and the development of business ideas, which become powerful undertakings in the city and in the countryside. In other words, important grains of sand for economic reactivation and the construction of a better, more inclusive country with more opportunities.
This exercise reports important results such as the 164.000 thousand young people who in 2020, were benefited with technical and technological programs, as well as the five calls for face-to-face training and three in virtual mode that have been opened in 2021. To this is added the generation of 176,213 jobs, of which 91,142 are for SENA graduates, thanks to the Public Employment Agency. And in 2020, 394,721 places were registered, of these, 208,451 for graduates of the Entity.
About entrepreneurship, 161 new business ideas have been financed with more than 15 billion, with which 806 formal jobs are expected to be generated in 2021. And in the first year of the pandemic, 318 business initiatives were financed with capital for more than $ 33,897 million and the generation of 1,619 direct jobs.
The truth is that this new panorama has strengthened and multiplied the reason for being of the Entity: to serve others with quality and relevance, hand in hand with apprentices, graduates, the productive sector, organizations and each Colombian, who are also SENA. This is the best way to get up once again and to become stronger, believing in people and their capabilities, fostering the creation of new opportunities for transformation because When we believe, it is we create! The dinner Colombia #We are SENA.


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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina, Director General del SENA.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera, Jefe Oficina de Comunicaciones SENA.
Comité Editorial: Guillermo Martin, Karen Camacho y Fernando García.
Información General: Periodistas SENA de Dirección General y Regionales.
Diseño: República Audiovisual.