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Read how our Entity supports the migrant population with virtual workshops.
Doris Briceño
SENA Communicator General Direction


The migrant population that accepted the invitation to two virtual workshops organized by the National Apprenticeship Service (SENA), through the Directorate of the National System of Training for Work, learned from experts how the development of soft skills is a key factor to achieve success in productive performance.
Lisset Albarracín and William Rodríguez, renowned speakers, explained that soft skills are those aptitudes, principles and personality traits that give added value to people in certain contexts, such as the labor context.

"SENA promotes the development of soft skills of the migrant population, to contribute to their success in the productive world."

“This program is part of the alliance between SENA, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) that are carrying out this certification of labor skills so that people can participate and validate the knowledge they already have and we are also strengthening soft skills”, said William Rodríguez, neuro trainer and life purpose coach.
In the Neuro-workshop “Development of soft skills for migratory grief”, the soft skills necessary to live that grief effectively were analyzed on a mental, emotional and physical level, since in the new dynamics, when you must be in between two countries and different cultures, it is necessary to face and assume the gains and losses, the risks and benefits that this new situation entails, which tests the capacities for adaptation and the psychological preparation for change.
Critical thinking and problem solving are on top of the list of skills employers believe will prominently grow over the next five years.
In the second virtual meeting, identified as “The power of soft skills in the workplace,” it was reflected on how the current situation poses a different challenge for employment in a future of change that requires workers, entrepreneurs and companies that can adapt and in order to achieve this, they must strengthen soft skills to enhance their personal and professional skills.
Lisset Albarracín, an expert psychologist in psychotherapy with Venezuelan migrants, recommended: “Before putting together a perfect profile to look for a job opportunity, the person must be able to recognize which ones are their most developed skills.
Finally, it was noted that according to the World Economic Forum 2020 Future of Jobs Report, “50% of all employees will need to be retrained by 2025, as adoption of new technologies increases.”
The advantages of developing an innovative mindset oriented towards achievement, the spirit of leadership and assertive communication were highlighted in these spaces.
To see the workshops
‘Development of soft skills for migratory grief’ Click Here ‘The Power of Soft Skills in the Workplace’ Click Here.
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