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SENA supports recording "Aterciopelados" video

Ricardo Quimbay / SENA Capital District Communicator

“Tropiplop” is the name of the new recording of the renowned Colombian musical band “Aterciopelados”, an album in which nine apprentices and two instructors supported the promo recording.
During the video recording that advertises the single “Antidiva”, the Center for Training in Physical Activity and Culture of the SENA Capital District apprentices applied their knowledge with which they delivered an excellent result.
The singer Andrea Echeverry tells us about the benefits of SENA participating in the recording of the promo.

"We have apprentices who worked in field work, we have directing, script and sound assistants. They apply, everything that we teach them during their training process," says Gerardo Gil instructor.

For Andrea Echeverri, singer of the musical group: ​"Having the support of SENA apprentices is very satisfactory and even more if they are under the direction of Gil instructor, with whom we already worked for a while on the video of the song Ataque de Risa"

"We are very grateful for the support provided by SENA, this is a mutual benefit since we have teams and trained people available, while they have the open construction of a video made by a group with a long history at their disposal," concludes the artist. ​​

“Los Aterciopelados” They explain how they benefited from this recording.


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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina, Director General del SENA.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera, Jefe Oficina de Comunicaciones SENA.
Comité Editorial: Guillermo Martin, Karen Camacho y Fernando García.
Información General: Periodistas SENA de Dirección General y Regionales.
Diseño: República Audiovisual.