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SENA on Radio and TV

SENA Communications Office General Directorate

In addition to having the possibility of reading in this magazine all the stories of training, entrepreneurship, job offers, innovation projects, policies, strategies and other interesting information for Colombian citizens, SENA has two new options, radio and television to reach the largest number of citizens with topics of interest to all.
That is why it broadcasts its program SENA On Air Radio, through the 54 frequencies of Radio Nacional de Colombia throughout the country, every Wednesday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in which its own protagonists talks about the success stories they have lived thanks to the support they have received from our entity, whether in education, employment or entrepreneurship. Along with the radio transmission, the program is also broadcast through the social media, Instagram @senacomunica IGTV, that is, the radio that is seen.
Television: our entity also thought about people who like visuals and want to be reflected in Colombians triumph moments that have decided to get ahead with their learning, in the achievement of job opportunities or in creation of microenterprise, . For this, SENA On Air TV was created, which is broadcast through the Institutional Channel, every Friday at 9:30 p.m. and if you missed a chapter, you can see it on YouTube SENA.


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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina, Director General del SENA.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera, Jefe Oficina de Comunicaciones SENA.
Comité Editorial: Guillermo Martin, Karen Camacho y Fernando García.
Información General: Periodistas SENA de Dirección General y Regionales.
Diseño: República Audiovisual.