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SENA has an inclusive library

Cecilia C. Acosta / SENA Capital District Communicator

The bookstore, located the Administrative Management Center in Bogotá, is supported by SENNOVA and has high-tech equipment, valued in more than 300 million.
The adaptations of its modern facilities were restarted at the beginning of 2021, since they were paused due to the pandemic during the past year. Is currently in operation and open to all the public.
Among the equipment they find, those who will make use of the library are: an image magnifying computer, an aerial scanner to digitize books and zoom in on each page, high-rise Braille keyboards contrast and a braille printer with which it is expected to edit the first magazine of research, with that writing system for the blind..
One more novelty of this culture space and study, is the implementation of stairs with elevator for wheelchairs, which will allow the access of more apprentices to this place. As a second phase, it will seek to create reading environments and activities for people in condition of disability.


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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera: SENA Head Office Communications.
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