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Fernando García
SENA communicator General Directorate


An example of this is ‘SENA, future for young people,’ a strategy led by the National Government with an investment of more than $ 158 billion, focused on developing training actions, generating formal employment, and creating enterprises throughout the national territory, supported by the Entity.
“Since its creation, SENA has become an opportunity maker for thousands of Colombians. That is why it is so important for the country to strengthen the creative culture and build an entrepreneurial Colombia with the help of young people. It represents a great opportunity,” Said President Iván Duque. “Taking into account that young people represent the future in the fourth revolution, it is important to promote their creativity for this purpose, guide them to strengthen their business ideas, and get a job,” added the president.

"Young people are the present and future of our country, and the work carried out by SENA is essential to generate more opportunities for education, employment, and entrepreneurship. "

Concerning the relevant training, facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Entity has 10,000 exclusive training openings for young people, as well as 32,000 related to digital skills for the Software sector within the framework of the initiative SENA Digital and to strengthen technical and socio-emotional skills in topics related to 4.0 industries.
Additionally, SENA offers 850 thousand places to enter the Digital Citizenship route of the XXI Century, aiming to provide the necessary instruments that allow people to face the changes of the digital transformation through virtual courses developed under the OECD standards. In the same way, 400 thousand places will be offered for complementary training in areas related to the creative industries, with an investment of 67,066 million pesos. , YouTube and Spotify Lorena Bossio.
SENA’s Emprender Fund launched a new national call for $ 20 billion for young people between the ages of 18 to 28 to support the creation of 250 new companies and the generation of 1,000 jobs throughout the country. Another call is “Learning to undertake,” which intends to provide training in “Entrepreneurial behavior” and “Digital entrepreneurship” to about 100,000 young Colombians, including 3,000 people from rural areas.
To increase the labor insertion of the young population between the ages of 18 to 28 years old, SENA has carried out labor intermediation actions, such as the registration of the resumes of 325 thousand young people in the application of the Public Employment Agency of SENA. In addition to the 393 thousand people who have received occupational guidance and the more than 128 thousand placements (new jobs) as a result of the articulation with the business sector. The goal in 2021 is to create 172 thousand jobs for young people.
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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera: SENA Head Office Communications.
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