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SENA Digital : Technological Transformation

Carolina Perdomo / SENA Communicator General Director
The accelerated technological transformation has required all sectors and companies to implement human talent within their processes with the necessary skills to face the challenges of the digital world.

The Digital Citizenship of the XXI Century strategy has open enrollment for the courses: information management and content creation at

SENA, aligned with this progress and committed to the training of Colombians, seeks to provide the country trained professionals who take on this scenario, which is why it has launched SENA Digital, an initiative that strengthens and promotes the specialized technical skills of the citizens, which are articulated with two strategies of the Entity as 25k SENA- Microsoft and SENA- AWS Educate.
Find out how you can be part of SENA Digital.

SENA Digital routes:

It has two routes and one of it is Digital Citizenship of the XXI Century that has open offers courses that allow them to insert 2,500,000 people in these technological processes from their performance area.
“Any Colombian with internet access and mobile devices can apply to the courses, as well as apprentices, instructors, graduates and job seekers registered in the SENA Public Employment Agency,” says the Director of Vocational Training, Nidia Gómez.
They are courses developed under the standardized frameworks of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development-OECD, which are related to information management and content creation. With the first, stakeholders take advantage of actions in the digital context for the use of web, software, cloud tools and virtual processes.
With the second, products and services are created through platforms to transmit written content, videos, audios, reports, etc. Participants must have 48 hours to do them for eight weeks in a self-training way. Prior to registration, you must be registered and enabled at
Find out by watching the video.
Another route is Digital Skills for the Software Sector with 120 thousand places in three strategies: complementary training routes :
What they are and how to access it, see it here.
You too can be part of them, here we tell you how.
and platforms with technological allies such as Microsoft, Oracle, AWS Educate and Siemens.
The singer Andrea Echeverry tells us about the benefits of SENA participating in the recording of the promo.
Applicants must be apprentices, graduates, instructors or job seekers, registered in the Public Employment Agency-APE of SENA, who are involved with Information and Communication Technologies-ICT. Those interested in either of the two routes can learn about the offer and register at


This strategy potentiates the profile of learning and productive stage learners, as well as graduates related to computer networks, software design and development, among others, by strengthening their knowledge with four courses based on Azure Platforms and Power Platforms that allow them to be certified in these industries.
Those who take the courses can access to one of the 10,000 vouchers for the certification exam that is awarded to the best performing apprentices. There are 25 thousand places and the process is carried out on the Microsoft Learn platform.

SENA- AWS Educate

With SENA Digital-AWS, Colombians in general, apprentices of the educational and productive stage and instructors of the Entity, have access to 12 professional career paths (courses) in the field of the cloud, as well as mini-courses in which they acquire skills related to Industry 4.0 and learn to use Amazon Web Service services at no co
Participants have the option to share their learning progress on AWS, allowing them to link to events, employability spaces, and other career opportunities. At the end of the training process, they can register at and apply for job offers in international companies.
Without doubt, SENA Digital is a 360 initiative that trains Colombians in the skills of the future and equips them to meet the needs of the fourth industrial revolution.


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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina, Director General del SENA.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera, Jefe Oficina de Comunicaciones SENA.
Comité Editorial: Guillermo Martin, Karen Camacho y Fernando García.
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