$ 18 billion pesos for the Orange Economy

Fernando García SENA Communicator General Direction

Strengthening the Colombian entrepreneurial spirit and contributing to the economic reactivation of the country is the objective of a new call for the Emprender Fund that seeks to empower artists, creative and cultural entrepreneurs. There are $ 18 billion pesos for initial capital destined to benefit the creation of 225 new business ideas, in any of the 103 economic activities that are part of the Orange Economy, which will be delivered in this open call.
The new companies that will be created will generate 900 potential jobs throughout the national territory and the SENA Emprender Fund will grant up to $ 80 million pesos for each business plan that has successfully completed the evaluation phase.
Initiatives focused on arts and heritage (Art in motion, sculpture, photography, cultural and heritage tourism), Cultural Industries (music, film, TV, video and radio) and Creative Industries (video games, interactive content, audiovisuals, digital platforms, app creation, animation) may be submitted to this call.
Artist, creative and cultural entrepreneurs may consult the terms of reference and register their projects until July 30, 2021 at www.fondoemprender.com.

Orange data

$ 18 billion for Orange Economy

Hernán Fuentes, Director of Employment and Labor at SENA, tells how this capital will be invested.
The great commitment to entrepreneurship in Colombia, led by the National Government and framed within the National Development Plan 2019-2022, SENA defined two specific goals for this purpose: the creation of 800 companies belonging to the activities of the Orange Economy and the generation of 3,500 direct jobs, through the Emprender Fund. In this sense, to date, the Entity has allocated more than $ 49 billion pesos to support the creation of 418 new orange companies and the generation of 2,363 new jobs.
With respect to the Orange formation, to date 2,160,063 places have been offered, whose investment is estimated at $ 1 trillion 300 thousand million pesos ( $1,300,788,644,135), resources that cover all levels of training: technical, technological and complementary degrees in areas related to creative and cultural industries.
It is important to note that SENA has the Labor Competencies Certification program, which recognizes prior or empirically acquired learning. The Entity intends to reach 51,841 certifications in the Orange areas.

Distrito Cafetal, an innovative idea

Distrito Cafetal, an innovative idea In Zipaquirá (Cundinamarca), Ximena Cediel serves an aromatic coffee to tourists. From apprentice to entrepreneur
This is the third call dedicated to entrepreneurs of the Orange Economy. Indeed, the Entity opened two calls (2018 and 2019) in which $ 32 billion pesos in capital was allocated for the creation of 262 new companies in the sector, which currently generate more than 1,500 new jobs in the country.
Since the creation of the Emprender Fund in 2004, SENA has managed to finance 2,198 business initiatives of the Orange Economy, with resources exceeding $ 187 billion pesos, which have generated 10,169 formal jobs, impacting 360 municipalities in Colombia.

Orange Economy Entrepreneurship

Orange Economy Entrepreneurship The native toy entrepreneur, Wilson Gómez, tells us about his small-business.


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