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We tell you how, through research, in Meta, honey is extracted in a sustainable way.
Doris Briceño
Communicator General Directorate


Through various media, Colombians have learned about the actions and infrastructure projects developed. In addition to witnessing how they become opportunities aimed at solving the productive and social needs of the country.
To guarantee transparency in the progress of each of the building projects carried out by SENA in various places of the national geography, the Comptroller General of the Republic provides support in the verification of compliance, progress, and execution.
SENA has led actions to develop a modern and robust infrastructure that allows the regions to bring more opportunities for progress with knowledge as a key factor.

“At SENA we have carried out a digital transformation process that seeks to contribute to the implementation of technologies aligned with the fourth industrial revolution and sustainability. Therefore, we are building venues that adjust to the demand for training programs that are related to this knowledge”, indicates Wilson Rojas Moreno, administrative and financial director of SENA

Find the places where we have improved and made buildings that contribute to training.
In this respect, Luis Carlos Pineda, delegate comptroller for Citizen Participation, highlights that in addition to being an entity loved by Colombians, SENA “has allowed the exercise of social control and monitoring so that the country can know about the infrastructure progress”.
On his part, when referring to the actions carried out by SENA and its contribution to the regions Jorge Barbosa, advisor for Energy Efficiency and Special Infrastructure Projects at SENA, highlights that: “We are developing a culture of environmental responsibility, facing the climate crisis. Furthermore, we are reducing the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect. We are improving air quality in the region because we stopped emitting polluting gases, also reducing operating costs in these SENA branches. Therefore, we can reinvest in other types of projects that generate more opportunities in terms of training and greater job creation”.
These infrastructure issues become relevant to the extent that elements such as human capital and an optimal infrastructure converge in the training of human talent that guarantees the creation of favorable spaces to bring relevant quality knowledge. Therefore, SENA has committed to the construction of spaces and infrastructures that contribute to the employability, entrepreneurship, and education of the community.
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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina, Director General del SENA.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera, Jefe Oficina de Comunicaciones SENA.
Comité Editorial: Guillermo Martin, Karen Camacho y Fernando García.
Comunicadores: Carolina Perdomo, Doris Briceño, Valeria Delgado, Lina Castillo, y periodistas regionales.
Diseño: República Audiovisual.