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Fabrics that emanate pleasant smells and protect us from UV rays are part of the collection.
Karen Camacho
Communicator General Directorate


As if it were the fiction film from the 80’s, Back to the Future, instructors and apprentices from the Textile and Industrial Management Center of the Antioquia region, linked to the seedbeds of the Research, Innovation and Technological Development System -SENNOVA- , make possible unique innovations, which generate special added value in clothing and thus give entrepreneurs a better idea of how they can boost their sales and change the way they see and wear fashion.
Fabrics that protect you from UV rays and are rosemary scented
Our SENA community developed two microcapsules that give added value to the textile sector in the midst of the economic reactivation. The first one provides the fabric with UV protection properties to whoever wears it and the second one, can emit the smell that the customer wants, in this case, the product gives off a pleasant rosemary scent which has a cycle of 15 washes.

"And this is not all, the same research seedbed is also working on garments with electronic fabrics, which will be synchronized to smart watches to measure people's vital signs, these ideas are going to revolutionize the textile market and are available for entrepreneurs interested on receiving advice on these developments. With these inventions, we do not have to "go back to the future", since we are already living it."

Those interested can write to the deputy director Olga Lucia Lopera,
See what they are like and what benefits these garments have.


Hear how scented UV-protective textiles are developed.
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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera: SENA Head Office Communications.
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