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We tell you what SENNOVA is and how it supports Techno academies and Technoparks with research hotbeds.
Karen Camacho
Communicator General Directorate


The Work Training Entity is known nationwide for its education, employment, and entrepreneurship services, which generate progress opportunities for all Colombians and foreigners residing in the country. Its offer includes a fundamental research and innovation component in the development and future of Colombians in charge of SENNOVA, but what is SENNOVA? It is the SENA Research, Innovation and Technological Development System that provides technological services through Research hotbeds techno academies, and technoparks.
Learn about the target audience for each service and how you can benefit.

"The transforming spirit is made in SENA through a portfolio of services, which puts innovation and research accessible to all."

Techno academies
They are learning scenarios where children and young people in high school can enhance their skills in science and technology, these spaces provide children with infrastructure and technology to create new useful inventions in the productive sector, and also they train in topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, basic sciences, ICT and engineering. To this day, there are 15 fixed headquarters nationwide and 12 mobile sites that run through towns with difficult access to infrastructure. Children interested in enrolling in a techno-academy should approach the nearest techno-academy with their parents. Get to know the list of tech academies here.
Find out what Sennova is and how it drives research.
Many entrepreneurs have innovative ideas to make their business grow but do not have the technological infrastructure to develop their projects, SENA techno academies provide this infrastructure and also the support of researchers and expert instructors, within the objectives of the technoparks are the development of innovative technology-based projects, to generate products and services that contribute to economic growth and to increase the competitiveness of the country and the regions. To access the services of a technopark:
1. Go to and click on “register”
2. Complete your Register and select the option “login”
3. Go to the “ideas menu” and then click on “new project idea”
4. Finally, fill out the form to register your idea, and click on “apply”
Hotbeds of research
They are spaces created for the development of practical investigative skills, it is expected that both instructors and learners build knowledge based on the solution of real and particular problems in their environment and that they generate proposals for change and improvement in multiple dimensions, either social, scientific, technical and/or technological. Currently, there are 111 seedbeds, and each one develops research and projects in different areas. Instructors and apprentices interested in being part of the research hotbeds should contact the Sennova facilitator at their training center.
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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera: SENA Head Office Communications.
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