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Learn about the learning of those who participate in this Audiovisual strategy
Valeria Delgado
SENA communicator General Directorate.


Our Entity, aligned with the objectives of the National Government to encourage the development of creative industries, has within its broad portfolio of services a strategy called Cine Al SENA, which seeks to enhance the training of Colombian talent for the cinematographic field with international standards.
This initiative benefits about 1,500 apprentices a year, who receive training and support to develop their short films with the possibility of participating in national and international festivals. Some of these productions have been part of stages such as the Bolivia Lab (Bolivia), San Sebastián Festival (Spain), Arica Nativa (Chile), Platino Awards (Mexico), among others. During 2020 and 2021, 8 short films, 60 filmstrips, and an animated series have been produced in cooperation with Argentina.

"Cine Al SENA benefits about 1,500 apprentices a year, who receive training and support to develop their own short films."

Lady Patricia Correa Velasco, a SENA graduate, and Elkin Ramon Rangel Silva, an apprentice from the regional Santander, are part of the diversity of talents promoted by Cine al SENA. They will be traveling to Expo Dubai, a universal event that seeks to promote global creativity, innovation, and collaboration, to live an experience of cultural exchange, and learn about world trends that contribute to their personal and professional development.
Lady Patricia, what training program did you do at SENA? And how did you get to participate in Expo Dubai?
I am a graduate of the Digital Audiovisual Media Production training program of the Boyacá region. My future participation in Expo Dubai is thanks to the short film Color Maderathat I made during my training period at the Entity and tells the story of a family from the countryside that obtains an economic livelihood creating coffins made of wood. Currently, the video is on the YouTube channel La Cosecha Audiovisual.
With this audiovisual product, I participated with my team of 12 people in the 2017 Cine Al SENA strategy, and we managed to win second place for the best short film. Thanks to that, we obtained other national and international awards at different film festivals around the world, such as the Villa del Cine Festival, Cinexcusa, PIFF Pakistan International Film Festival, Cefalú Film Festival, and Film Miami Fest, among others.
What are you currently doing after your training at SENA?
I am making a documentary miniseries to show what the people of my region (Boyacá) can do and our notorious artisan crafts. I want to show the customs and culture of my beautiful department. The first episode of the documentary is about the crockery women made from clay in pre-Columbian times. And my team and I are already working on the following episodes.
What comes after you participate in one of the most important universal exhibitions in the world?
The idea is to share my experience in Expo Dubai with the Film apprentices at SENA, motivating them to believe and work on what they want to achieve because the Entity will always support them to achieve their dreams. I will continue to focus on my work with film production and especially creating audiovisual content from my region. On the other hand, I want to specialize in film production or participate in workshops and meetings that contribute to my professional training. I want to focus on doing because the more one does, the more one learns.


Expo Dubai will be the opportunity for our apprentices to exchange knowledge.
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