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SENA has an inclusive library

If you want to know what the modern library is like and what equipment it has, go here.

Alliance to generate green jobs

Find out how through agreements our Entity creates friendly environment programs.

$18.000 millons for Orange Economy

Find out how you can access these resources that will enhance the creative and cultural industries

From apprentice to entrepreneur

Do you want to know how he did it? Read the article.

SENA is inclusive

Inclusion, support and transformation for citizens.

Aracelly's marks

How our Entity supports people with disabilities?

Technological Transformation with SENA Digital

Find out how we have transformed to face new technological challenges.

SENA on Radio and TV

Now we are also in the open massive media, on which channel and which station?

SENA supports recording the "Aterciopelados" video”

Find out how SENA trainees participated in the video recording
Carlos Mario Estrada Molina, SENA general director.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera, SENA Head Office Communications.
Comité Editorial: Guillermo Martin, Karen Camacho y Fernando García.
Información General: Periodistas SENA de Dirección General y Regionales.
Diseño: República Audiovisual.