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We will tell you how Carlos Arturo Escamilla has made it big in Texas
Manuel Figueroa Martínez
Regional Communicator Valle del Cauca


Being in charge of setting up the automation process in a large company in the United States speaks highly of a professional. It should also be a source of pride if the chosen one is Latin American, but the fact that this is a Colombian person, who acquired the base of his knowledge in his own country, proves the good quality of the training that is imparted here in Colombia.
This is the case of the National Apprenticeship Service (SENA) graduate, Carlos Arturo Escamilla Concha, who in 2007 decided to go to the north of the Continent to try his luck, and a year later he was already in charge of the automation process of Cora Texas, a sugar and molasses production plant located in the southeast of the oil-producing state of Louisiana, in the USA.

"He leads the Industrial Automation process in a sugar plant that doubled production thanks to his work. He says that 80% of what he knows today is owed to the Entity."

See how our former student has managed to move up in his job abroad.
“When you arrive from a country like Colombia, you feel the cultural and professional impact. Then you must convince your bosses of what you can do, starting with small projects. Until they give you a good evaluation and then they give you something big”, explained Carlos Arturo.
What he refers to as “something big” was nothing less than the task of leading the automation of the entire company, which is: the application of cutting-edge technologies to control and monitor its operation, thus increasing production and its competitive capacity.
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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
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