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Find out what job skills were certified in the municipality of Nuquí.
Mary Cruz Peña
Communications leader SENA Chocó


More than 60 people from associations such as Pichindé Guides, and Mujeres de la Azotea Eco guides from Coquí, Joví, Arusí, and Termales in the municipality of Nuquí, received a certification in job skills based on Guiding Tourists and Assisting Guest, following technical procedures, standards, and service protocols.
“Thanks to SENA, because we have been fighting for 12 years, and today they help us to get a certification for or empirical knowledge,” said Carmen Emilia Gamboa Rosso, a tourist guide from the Pinchindé association.
Other applicants have received certifications in the towns of Bahía Solano, Quibdó, and Itsmina, in regulations such as maneuvering boats, driving boats, getting engines ready, serving customers, among others; for a total of 110 people benefited by SENA Chocó in the last months of the year.

The tour guides and guest assistants received the certification from the SENA Regional Chocó, and they stated that they would get more opportunities in the labor field thanks to this certificate.

The certification of job skills is a service offered by SENA to recognize men and women who work and do not have a certificate that proves their knowledge. The Entity carries out a series of evaluations to verify the abilities of people interested in the area to be certified.
The certifications were delivered in Ceremonies ed by the regional director Juan Carlos Blanco Córdoba, who handed in the certificates to the beneficiary people, in the presence of officials of the Chocó region, and the SENA certification team for job skills, following strict biosafety protocols.
Whoever wishes to certify their job skills at SENA must meet the following requirements:
  • Certificate of experience of at least 6 months in the field to be certified.
  • Complete the registration process on the website:
  • Fill out the attached document and accept terms and conditions.
  • Present your identity document expanded by 150%.
It is worth mentioning that, due to the current situation, the certification processes in SENA are carried out virtually. For this reason, the Entity has trained staff and the support of technological tools to meet the requirements of citizens.


Hear what job skills were certified in the municipality of Nuquí.
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Carlos Mario Estrada Molina: SENA General Director.
Pilar Navarrete Rivera: SENA Head Office Communications.
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